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[22 Jan 2016|10:49am]
 I hope that everyone has a great 2016.
I know I am a little late to the bandwagon, but still best wishes y'all. 
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[05 Jan 2015|02:25pm]

Help find out who Grateful Doe is!
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[20 May 2014|01:23pm]
 Go Tigers!
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[12 Jan 2014|10:52pm]
 Work hard for the money, so hard for it honey!
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[25 Dec 2013|10:46pm]
 Best Christmas Ever!
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[07 Nov 2013|06:54pm]
Society will teach you to write. They will teach you to write in perfect grammar. I live with the old values that maybe better or plagued human kind. A simple mind is what I have. I believe in love. The past or future can not put no worth on it. I believe in putting respect in the ones who are for you on your low times.
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[19 Oct 2013|12:44am]
Today it is okay, just trying to stay above the water enough for me to breath.
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[03 Sep 2013|01:29am]
I was reading all my posts from seven years ago. I was such a poetic girl. I still was unhappy and wanted to run away. I wanted to be free and one of those bohemian girls.
I have had some interesting experiences, but life is still knocking me down only in some different ways.

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[09 Jul 2013|07:25pm]
I hope all is well everyone.
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[14 Jun 2013|05:34pm]
My dinner soonRead more...Collapse )
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[20 Feb 2013|06:19pm]
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[03 Jan 2013|06:25pm]
Just watched Django Unchained with my man. I almost cried a couple of times, but it was a good movie. Don't got shit on Pulp Fiction. Saw my birthday buddy Sam LJ on it.
So far today is a great day!!
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[05 Sep 2012|08:39pm]
Why is everything I love the most
So wrong for me?
And everything I'm holding close, is so far away from me
They don't want me to lie, but they don't wanna hear the truth
It never made sense to me
Why everything I love the most is so wrong for me
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[02 Sep 2012|11:09pm]

This reminds me of 2009.

hmmm just bored nothing to do but think
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[28 Aug 2012|09:47pm]
What my household is like
Read more...Collapse )

That's my little family as of now!
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[07 Jul 2012|08:50pm]
Life is getting hard, but the outcome will be worth it!
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[26 Jun 2012|02:30am]
I just read some of my old entries from 2005. A time of ignorant bliss, but it was a good time as it was going on.
I can tell I didn't work and did poorly in school because I could focus on writing and observing life. Now I am living it in a working class environment. Gotta go to work, go to school, and do the right thing. Pretty content in life, yeah some could be better, but I got a good man and some good people around. That matters more then any money or success!
Besides I don't remember a lot of that bullshit when I read about it. The past is the past. Don't want to piss on today.
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[12 Jun 2012|05:19pm]
Currently detoxing the apartment of cats.
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[05 Jun 2012|07:09pm]

I got to study. I am trying....
but this song isn't the song to study too.
I love my booty jams.

My baby is at the tigers game. I hope he brings them some great luck. They need to win! I can't wait until we can go the game together!!!
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[23 May 2012|08:14pm]
Things were going good, but I am having problems maintaining them. I guess the body and mind can't handle change very well.
School is my most important concern, but I am spending a lot of time worrying about stupid fucking shit. Even getting paranoid about dumb shit.
School for the most part will fix all these problems. I need to just focus on that and tell everyone to fuck off.
I have been reading past entries and I have come a long ways. Not to mention I know I have a hard time with feeling worthy of life, but my expression of words are amazing.
I just got to stop with the whole "I am the victim" or living in "I will be the victim again" Whatever happens I will have myself and what I have learned.
School is pretty hard, but I am proud of pushing myself. I am probably the weakest link in the class, but it will pay off. Just I got to stop worrying about fucking people around me.

I was not born lucky so I got to make my own luck!!!

I do hate all those overly positive people so I am going to end this bullshit clean my nasty house and wash my stinky ass.
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